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Border Patrol 3010

3 September 2010 No Comment


The immigration problem is over-boiling at the moment so I figured this would make an appropriate sketch to post today. I’m sure by the year 3010 we’ll have the country boarder thing sorted out so that we can focus on the new threat; Those damn, hard working space aliens who zip down from the caves of Mars and take all our jobs. Little fuckers with their green skin and A-sexual naked bodies. It seems odd that a highly intelligent race would want to live on this shit ball, (Which is what we’ll be calling it at that point in time, due to on-going global awareness ignoring) and work all the crap jobs for an unfair wage. Perhaps these tricky visitors have a plan! OH DEAR GOD! What if they want to start getting married to humans!? We better start drafting up some PROPS now, get a head start.

Much love