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[10 May 2013 | One Comment | ]

A novel by Travis Betz
Stabbers is my first novel. I am currently slamming my fingers down on the keyboard, and bringing it to life. It’s a horror-comedy that will be kidnapping all the over-used monsters and clichés of the genre, sticking them into a blender, adding a healthy amount of rat poison and a dash of salt to taste, then hitting BLEND. That means I’m writing the last vampire/werewolf/ghost/witch/demon/zombie novel you’ll ever need to read. A story so ludicrous, and bat-shit crazy, you’ll think I stole it from the cell …

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[9 May 2013 | 8 Comments | ]

Just over a month ago I had this insane idea, based on a top-of-my-head FaceBook post I wrote, to actually write a hilarious Young Adult novel that would be darker, sicker, and funnier than the usually target “young adult” expected. I would call my vampire/werewolf/ghost/witch/demon/zombie tale, STABBERS. I’ve always planned to one day write my first novel, but there always seemed a good excuse, so I decided to give myself the added pressure of doing a Kickstarter campaign. If I was successful I would be committed to my pledgers to follow through. …