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Demons invade Indianapolis!

15 June 2009 2 Comments






As many of you know, I make independent films. As many of you also know, my recent project is a comedic love story with demons titled, LO. We are currently seeking distribution for the film, but in the mean time we have been screening at film festivals. So far to date we have played The Boston Underground Film Festival, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Film Festival and we have taken awards from the Las Vegas Film Festival and the Honolulu Film Festival. 

Lo has now added a fifth festival to its playlist; The Indianapolis International Film Festival! Being from Indiana, I am very excited to screen my movie here. Not only is it a well respected festival, but it’s also close to all my family! I think they are all still in shock from my twisted horror film, joshua, so it will be very nice to show them my comdey/love story.

The festival will be held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, 4000 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis. LO screens two dates: 

  Monday, July 20th at 3:00PM – Toby Theater                                                                 Wednesday, July 22nd at 9:30PM – DLH Theater

If you live in the Indianapolis area then come out and support a kick-ass demon love story! For more information on the fest visit the IIFF website. For more information on the film, visit the LO website.

Much love


  • Regamom3

    Indianapolis is a very cool city. The Lo showing will be fantastic! I wish I lived closer than six hours or we were in town for a swim meet so I could be there. Much luck!


  • Travis, congrats on another festival having the good taste to show your latest cinematic extravaganza to the masses. I am Eager to be able to purchase a copy, as soon as its commercially accessible. Faboo Regards, David 🙂