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I am a liberal Satanist!

12 February 2014 2 Comments

Or at least according to this intelligent and thoughtful review of Lo on Amazon. I actually love getting reviews like this, as they remind me how different we all are and also how silly some people can be. If I’m offending someone then I’m doing my job. What truly irks me about the review isn’t the “liberal agenda” or the call to Satanism (sigh), but the fact that this ignorant little coward is so insecure about the film, that they needed to go and spoil the twist ending in their review (I blotted it out in case you, lovely reader, haven’t seen it). Trash the film all you want, but it’s a true dick who ruins a film for others just because it wasn’t their cup-of-Satan’s-milk.  I invite negative criticism. Do your worst…just don’t be a cine-spoiler. Some of us experience films and we love it. Now if you’ll excuse me, this virgin won’t sacrifice herself.

Here’s the review. Click to enlarge.
Hilarious Lo review copy

  • Andersen Silva

    It sure is hard to find self-sacrificing virgins these days. I agree, though, trash-talk is one thing, but spoiling the film for others is pretty lo. Er, low.

  • Bets

    Lo is one of my favorite movies, one night on netflix I saw it and thought why the fuck not, ever since then I have made all of my hoot movie fan friends watch this gem and they have all loved it. The people that didn’t.. Well let’s not talk about that.