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11 August 2009 4 Comments

Three boys set out to create the devil…

Writer / Director: Travis Betz
Release Date: 2006
Ward Roberts … Kelby
Aaron Gaffey … James Lilly
Christy Jackson … Amelia Gates
Alexa Havins … Trish Unger
Jeremiah Jordan … Wally

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Kelby Unger will never speak about his past. When his father dies, he returns to his hometown with his fiance to put away his demons for good. But things have changed…or at least gotten much worse since he left. His childhood friends are both a little to happy to see him, one now a serial killer and the other a police officer with a loose grip on reality. Both attempt to lure him back to becoming what he once was. Both forcing him to revisit the monstrous things he did as a child. The one though that haunts
Kelby in the pit of his stomach and scares him to the edge of his soul; could Joshua still be alive? He prays he is not, for if he is, the dark just might claim him again.


“Mr. Betz, you dangerously unhinged bastard, I officially pronounce you a newfound force to be reckoned with.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“Joshua is easily one of the best indie pics I’ve seen all year. The film is cruel, demented, twisted and unrelenting – get ready to have nightmares!” – Mr. Disgusting, Bloody-Disgusting.com

“Joshua is unto the Frankenstein myth as Batman Begins is unto superhero lore.” -Michael Marano, Sci fi.com

“To call the camera work on joshua skillful would be a disservice; It’s inventive, kinetic, seemingly never repeating the same shot twice and always willing to try odd angles.” – Johnny Butane, The Horror Channel