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Bad Poetry by Travis – Out of the Blue

23 September 2013 3 Comments

BP - Out of the Blue

  • blargal

    “There once was a man from Nantucket

    Who kept all his cash in a bucket.

    But his daughter, named Nan,

    Ran away with a man

    And as for the bucket, Nantucket.”

    • Foul language….

      • miseryanne

        is it wrong that i cried at lo?

        is it wrong that i cried watching lo
        a film of a demon from depths below
        with twisted form with crippled soul
        a creature pulled out from its hole

        it spewed bile trying to to poison a heart
        some truths and some lies to tear him apart
        he, just a humble lamb consumed by amore
        lo tries to twist his mind at the core

        other demons approach this lonely man
        preaching the torture caused by his madam
        but loves flame within him burned to bright
        he would face them all an continue to fight

        he proved that love could no be beaten
        the fire within shone brightly through him
        the demon bowed and did conseed
        and brought forth the lady of his breed

        with heavy heart she told her victor
        that he could not spend another moment with her
        with heavy hearts she kissed and bid goodbye
        this is where tears started in my eyes

        like a little girl i start to weep
        then i notice the form that she keeps
        i suspect something that is then shown
        his love was the demon lo

        as they stared in silent sadness
        again the tears fall upon my dress
        though i had laughed and felt compassion
        twas the tale of obscure love that pulled my ass in 🙂

        here is a crap poem from me to you. alas it doesnt contain reference to jeezes rocking tune and sexy shenanigans but anywho there you go ha ha