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Paper Man of Steel

12 June 2013 One Comment

I had no idea almost a year ago, when I made Paper Prometheus, that I’d be rolling out TEN more movies made of paper. This is an incredible project for me, because I consider myself a cinefile, so being able to look at other great filmmakers work, break it down, and re-create it with paper, is a joy as well as a lesson in the art form. Last year it was an honor to pick apart the great Ridley Scott’s flick, and now I had the extreme pleasure of doing the same to Mr. Zack Snyder. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first in the Paper Cuts series launching at Shut Up Cartoons. It’s not a damn bird, or a stupid-ass plane…no, friends…it’s the PAPER MAN OF STEEL!

Travis with Superman

Paper Cuts is a web series that takes movie trailers and classic movie scenes and re-creates them entirely out of paper. New episodes go up every other Wednesday on the Shut Up Cartoons YouTube Channel. On the Wednesdays in-between, the episodes BEHIND THE SCENES will go up on my own YouTube Channel. Your can LIKE the FaceBook page to stay informed as well!