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ROTTING TO MUSIC – a dissection of our world premiere

10 March 2011 2 Comments
TDI premiere crew

Cinematographer, Writer/Director, Actor, Actress and Producer

The Dead Inside is no longer a virgin. She lost it on stage, March 5th, 2011 in Durango, Colorado, and most appropriately so. The woman working the snack bar/liquor bar informed me that it was the very stage they put up all of their stage musicals, which is why they wanted to show TDI there. I liked that…and still do.

I heard it from many that weekend. “You know, I don’t even like musicals, but that was awesome.” Seems people are initially wary when they plop their butts down for our film, but intrigued enough to go on the journey. When the lights came up and I brought the crew on stage, the vibe of the room was delightful. The audience acted as if they had paid for sex in advance only to find out they really had feelings for the individual by the end. One gentlemen even went as far to call it the most original film on the circuit today. The audience ranged from old people to children (I do not endorse the bringing of children to this film), and all seemed to have a really good time. I could not have been happier with the reaction. People actually clapped after the song, The Zombie Apocalypse. If it is any indication of how this film will do then we are in for a lovely year. Sitting in the dark listening to a real audience laugh and then gasp at something you worked so hard to create is a feeling that is very difficult to describe. It’s like preparing for years to become an astronaut, then getting the mission, then landing on a strange planet and finding out that the inhabitants think you’re unique and celebrate your arrival. In short, the feeling is out of this world.

TDI premiere screening

Moments before our darling is unleashed

Two other film festivals came to see our movie and both asked to program TDI when it was over. Several locals pulled me aside to tell me it was their favorite film of the festival and they would be telling all their friends. The Durango Telegraph was doing a piece about the festival itself and enjoyed the movie so much that it decided to insert a little review in the middle of the article, saying things like: “But the movie that might just change your opinion about film festivals is The Dead Inside, which has its world premiere at DIFF.” AND “You really ought to see The Dead Inside, if only because it’s a fun film people will be talking about nationwide.”

I think it’s safe to say we’re off to a good start. I can not wait to show it to more people all around the world. A movie this small and original relies on the fans that it creates. We hope to create a lot of you, because I am a true believer that films can be communities. I am part of a few of those communities already with movies that inspire and shape me. I hope The Dead Inside can be one of those films for others.

Much love.


  • Blargal

    I am pleased that your film’s cherry was popped in such an awesome location. I was heartened to read that no one became violently ill , or ran hysterically from the theatre. Or were the doors locked?

  • Bob

    Congratulations on the great experience!! I can’t wait to see it.