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10 May 2013 One Comment


A novel by Travis Betz

Stabbers is my first novel. I am currently slamming my fingers down on the keyboard, and bringing it to life. It’s a horror-comedy that will be kidnapping all the over-used monsters and clichés of the genre, sticking them into a blender, adding a healthy amount of rat poison and a dash of salt to taste, then hitting BLEND. That means I’m writing the last vampire/werewolf/ghost/witch/demon/zombie novel you’ll ever need to read. A story so ludicrous, and bat-shit crazy, you’ll think I stole it from the cell wall scratchings of a mad man.


Stabbers is the story of a young vampire named Pax, who is bitten by a werewolf, turning her into a Wampire. She is labeled an abomination, and murdered by her own kind, only to rise as a ghost with unfinished business…a whostpire. Falling in love with a teenage mortal, she possess his quiet brother, Derek Stabbers, in order to get closer to her love. She soon discovers that getting into the body was the easy part, but she has no idea how to get out. Pax and Derek, natural enemies from the beginning, must now learn to share one body, while at the same time fend off a gang of deadly monster hunters arriving in town to slaughter everything green, purple and pale. Things heat up when the two trapped souls begin to have feelings for each other, and the most ridiculous, trapped-in-a-boys-body love story begins to unfold.

Look for Stabbers toward the end of 2013!

  • Brigitte