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The Telephone Game

1 May 2013 4 Comments

History is written by the last asshole to hear about it.

  • Joy

    I absolutely LOVE this, lol, I won’t dare tell you how many times I watched it.

    Really funny, I have shared with every one.

  • Kelly

    First, I just want to tell you that I love your work and you’re very creative! Secondly, I enjoyed this video soooooo much that I start singing the lyrics to random people in public because I thought that they were so funny!(well my friend and I memorized all of it and just sing to each other while people stare at us singing) What I really just want to say is I love what you do and I hope even funnier videos will be coming soon!

  • Shem

    Where could I get the lyrics for this AMAZING song ?

  • Cheryl

    this is amazing! is there anyway that i could get the lyrics to this?