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Take a saturated trip back in time to when paper-mâché and blatant sexism ruled science fiction cinema! The latest short film by DrexelBox’s own Travis Betz and Shannon Betz. LADY SPACEMAN!

Diary of a dangerously unhinged bastard

[ 27 Oct 2015 | No Comments | ]

It’s been awhile since The Dead Inside was available anywhere to rent, so it excites me to tell you that you can head over to Vimeo right now and watch it! $2.99 rental and $7.99 digital purchase. Please check out and support my award winning feature film horror musical! It’s the perfect blend of laughs and scares this Halloween season. We played over 60 festivals worldwide, and took top honors at many. The Dead Inside is a unique film put together by some seriously talented artists, including: Cinematographer Shannon Betz, …

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[ 19 Aug 2015 | No Comments | ]

Take a saturated trip back in time to when paper-mâché and blatant sexism ruled science fiction cinema! The latest short film by DrexelBox’s own Travis Betz and Shannon Betz. LADY SPACEMAN!

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[ 7 Feb 2015 | No Comments | ]

Do you like ghosts, zombies, struggling artists, witches, possession, brains and musicals??? Then I got you covered with my feature film The Dead Inside. Currently you can rent it on Netflix…if you still hang on to your hard disc account. Hopefully they will stream the movie one day, but for now you’ll have to have it sent in the mail and pop it in the ol’ DVD player. The Dead Inside can also be purchased on Amazon…so add it to your collection today!

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[ 5 Sep 2014 | No Comments | ]

Hey all! So this is my third and final video I made for the Homemade Movie series. It was a lot of fun and I want to thank them for bringing me on board. Thanks to Devin Barry, Ryan Young, Luke Gannon, and Jhey Castles for doing some acting! Shannon Betz for shooting it. Check out the video and also check out the Side-Bye-Side to compare it to the original! Recreating the Inception score with my voice was also a lot of fun. Enjoy!



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[ 15 Aug 2014 | No Comments | ]

I was fortunate enough to have Max Landis agree to play the David Naughton role in my latest creation…or re-creation…the transformation scene from An American Werewolf in London. I was hired by Cinefix to put the video together, and they put me in touch with Max. Since his father (John Landis) directed the original film, it was only right he come over to my house, let us slather him in gross fake hair, and howl at the moon. It was also his dad’s birthday, so he used the opportunity as …

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[ 7 Aug 2014 | No Comments | ]

You watched me remake the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer with paper and humans…now watch the process! Go behind the scenes with me and a few other DrexelBoxers!

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[ 6 Aug 2014 | No Comments | ]

There’s a cool new movie book hitting the streets today…and I think you should get yourself a copy. Why? Because not only is it a book about under-appreciated/under-seen movies, but it features essays on both Lo and Dust Up! Description here:
From filmmaker and journalist Mike Watt comes a new collection of essays focusing on more than 70 “underseen” films. These include “lost” films like Johnny Depp’s directorial debut, “The Brave”; “Don’s Plum”, the film that Leo DiCaprio sued to hide from the public; Mauritzio Nichetti’s sexy live-action/animated comedy “Volere Volare”; …

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