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An American Landis in Werewolf

15 August 2014 No Comment

I was fortunate enough to have Max Landis agree to play the David Naughton role in my latest creation…or re-creation…the transformation scene from An American Werewolf in London. I was hired by Cinefix to put the video together, and they put me in touch with Max. Since his father (John Landis) directed the original film, it was only right he come over to my house, let us slather him in gross fake hair, and howl at the moon. It was also his dad’s birthday, so he used the opportunity as a video birthday card. Here is the result of our hilarious work. The idea is to re-create the scene using things around your house…figuring out how to do the shots and effects with every-day-objects and no Hollywood budget. Also check out the SIDE-BY-SIDE comparison and see how it lines up with the original scene.