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Bone Her

20 December 2012 30 Comments

Love never dies…it simply stops breathing.

Written and Directed by Travis Betz
Travis Betz as Jared
Ward Roberts as Jean Luc
Cinematography by Shannon Hourigan
Sound Recordist – Tayah Giest
Production Assistant – Ingeborg Roberts

  • Galywood

    I guess they don’t call Travis Betz “dangerous and unhinged” for nothin’! I can’t remember the last time I found something so disturbingly hilarious!

  • Adam Tiller

    holy shit that was awesome

  • Gwiz77

    Everything about this is wrong, but oh so good! Awesome funny good! Lol!

  • Joe VanDalsem

    Hahhaha. Holy crapcakes you two are very close friends. Flippin awesome Trav.

  • Dishsj

    I now have to clear my browser history. Great move T.

  • Nothing

    Where did the lighter and cigarette come from.

  • It puts the shovel in the sand, or else it gets the cigarette again.

  • Rideauxbruns

    This was Awesome!

  • Alaskacanyon

    I wonder how awkward it was standing and making conversation with a necrophyiliac naked frenchman.

    • More awkward, it was an American playing a necrophyllic French man. With cigarette breath!

  • crazypageturner

    My name was on the map. Uh-oh…

  • Anon

    Omg this was awesome, and yet so wrong! Im glad I subbed though, good job!

  • AllieCat666


  • Jonny

    i would’ve given my left nut to be on this shoot

  • Haha what a punny man you are! =)

  • W0nd3rwomyn

    I’ve just been Travised! 😀

  • Halloween5r

    that was sooooo fucked up… and even more so that it was just a skeleton

  • Jessicah

    Well… That was… Something.

  • Asslicker

    I love your naked body Travis. I’d love to lick your ass.

  • crackerf00l

    Shannon really lets you sleep in the same… idk, city as her?

  • Anonymous

    A little kiss! Love how Jarod bites the leg bone. 🙂

  • Puppy Zwolle

    Ward the magician. He can pull anything from his ass. Even a Frenchman.
    A tip: Posters from that kiss would sell like hot cakes. ;^)

  • Friend

    Did you get your deposit back on the skeleton?

  • Roger

    lmao….omg that was too funny…..ward you are the man….all i can say is DONT ever stop what you do…..Roger

  • Roger

    lol Travis…..great short…..keep them coming

  • manjob

    You call this wrong? I call it a wednesday…

  • Great job on the French accent. It made me laugh the whole time. haha

  • Illuminatta

    OMFG! LOL!

  • Tactical Barrage

    Progressive and disturbing all at the same time.

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